Party Food

 Figuring out what kind of food to have at the Bachelorette Party sure is a TALL ORDER!  (Har har har!  Tall order, …food, get it?)   Okay, that wasn’t funny.  (Don’t even bother forcing out an awkward and fake sounding laugh to make me feel better about it, either.)  Anyways, it’s up to you to find out if any of the girls have any weird allergies.   Also, take into consideration how many people are attending while deciding your plan of action.  You wouldn’t get catering for a group of 5, would you?  That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

-Combined Effort-

        The easiest thing to do, not matter what size the group is, is to have each of the girls bring something!  This takes a load off your shoulders!  If one of the girls is a vegitarian, have her bring something she would like!  If one of the girls doesn’t eat cheese, have her bring something that makes her happy.  If one of the girls makes awesome spaggetti, have her bring it!  Make sure you know how many sides and dinners are going to be brought.  This way you don’t end up with only main dishes, or only sides.  

 -Light and Delicate-

        You can always go with finger foods, like finger sandwiches, cubed cheeses, chocolate dipped strawberries, and other scrumptious delights.  This would be a much easier task to take on if the number of guests is on the smaller side.  At least you know no one will eat so much that they’re too tired to dance!  This is more like a really good lunch with snacks and goodies.  

  -Food Inspired by the Male Genitals-

        Alright!  This is the FUN way to eat!  In France, serving your guests penis foods is considered a fine delicacy that only the richest of people get to enjoy.  It’s true!  So, in light of that yummy nugget of knowledge, maybe you should consider serving up the penis to your friends!

        I’ll show you some of the choices to get your mind-a-workin’.  MackAweenie & Cheese would make a perfect side dish to any meal!  Everyone likes Mac & Cheese!  That’s for sure.  Don’t even mention to your guests hat the noodles are penises.  See how long it takes someone to make the exciting discovery!  

        To hold your favorite snacks, you could use the infamous Penis Shaped Snack Tray.  Yeah, I know it’s no technically a “food”, but it HOLDS food, so THERE!  I can talk about it if I want.  Nyah!  

  Other funny treats are CocksiclesGummy Penis CandyPenis Pops, and Succulent Hard Willies, just to mention a few.  There’s even Erotic Penis CakesPenis Cupcakes, AND Penis Cookies!  Also, as a little BONUS TIP here,  you can use the penis cake molds to make PENIS ICE SCULPTURES!  What a classy decoration!  To see pictures of these foods and candies, just click on their black underlined names or the picture below.

   -Chocolate Fountain-

        I truly believe that chocolate fountains were invented especially for Bachelorette Parties!  It’s a fountain,… and there’s an endless amount of thick, rich chocolate cycling through that thing!  You just want to dive in face first!  Well, I do.  The pimples would be so worth it!  

        Next to the fountain should be a display of goodies that are fun to stick in chocolate.  That shouldn’t be difficult.  Everything is fun to stick in chocolate.  Consider fruits, cookies, pretzels, confections, and whatever else your little heart desires!  

  -Pizza It-

        If your a girl that’s pretty easy to please, just get pizza!  You can also get a couple easy side dishes, like a big salad or macaroni-salad.  Just get pizzas with different toppings, and one with just cheese.  Everybody knows that ONE person that only eats cheese on pizza.  Weird.  This is a quick and easy grab for you and your friends.  Especially if you girls are all geared up to party, and you don’t want to mess with this food stuff for too long.


        DON’T DO IT!!  It would be ridiculous!  Unless you’re having a party of 50-100 girls, don’t bother!  Too much money for no reason.  


        Screw it!  Make somebody else cook for all of you!  Going out to a restaurant takes a lot of stress away.  Just sit back and relax and giggle while other people that you have never met before takes care of everything.  Oh, yeah.  If your group is going to be a considerably large one, or if the restaurant that you gals decide on is a fancy one, make sure you make reservations for the group.  Having to relocate at the last minute while everyone’s hungry is an aggravating thing.