Where to Party

Now, where can you take all of these women and have an awesome Bachelorette Party?  Especially somewhere that would please the Bachelorette?  It would be tough to make everybody happy, so just make sure that after you decide on a place(s) to go that you inform all of the girls.  This way, if any of them have any problems with where you’re all going, they can get out all of their whining and fussing long before the party.  Make a rule:  No Complaining!!!  

        So here are some ideas on where to take that Bachelorette Party of yours:


        It’s a good idea to get some food in all of your bellies before going out and drinking like fish.  It’s a proven fact.  Also, it is a good way for all of the girls to get a chance to talk and catch up, or meet each other before going to a bar where you can’t really hear much.  

        Before deciding on a place to eat at, you should find out if any of the girls have any weird peculiarities about any foods.  It would suck for them if they got stuck with a side salad as their only option.  

        If you’re going out to a bar or some other wild place after the restaurant, this would probably be the place to give the Bachelorette her gifts.  This way she can put in in her car or somewhere, and save herself the embarrassment of having a vibrator fall out of her purse while she’s dancing.

  -Park Picnic/Beach Outing-

        This would be a very relaxing and fun way to spend the day with your girls, while you’re waiting to go out and party!  Kind of like the poor girl’s day spa.  Relax in the sun and soak in a good tan, splashing around in the water and running around on the beach sounds pretty rejuvenating to me!  Not to mention the view!  A bunch of sexy, shirtless, sweaty tan men that are about 20 ft. away form your towels, playing volleyball.  Oh yeah.  Free entertainment for the ladies!  Just make sure you pick a good spot to put your stuff.

-Day Spa-

        If your Bachelorette Party has the funds, going to a day spa would be a great way to treat and pamper you and your girlfriends after all of that strenuous wedding and party planning!  Day Spas offer massages, beauty facials, and rejuvenating body wraps and are designed to provide a healing break form everyday routines.  Just relax and listen to magical spa music and let yourselves feel like queens that day.


        Something a bit more on the invigorating and fun side, would be to go see a musical.  Have you caught your Bachelorette watching Grease and Hairspray over and over again?  Does she ever sing songs from Annie?  If so, this would be a great surprise for her.  That, or have her help you find a really cool musical she wants to see.  This way, if you’re unsure of which one to pick, you won’t be wasting money on tickets!

-Hotel or Resort-

        Hitting a Hotel or Resort  is another popular activity for Bachelorette Parties if you girls have the cash.  Resorts usually have a lot of fun things to do right there for you girls, such as restaurants, bars, casinos, shopping, or any other special feature.  

       It is pretty handy to have a room at the place you are partying at.  It takes a lot of the worry away and only leaves the fun.  No drunk driving tickets, and no one’s husband is waking up and grumbling about the giggling.  They don’t have a problem with you girls bringing a stripper in there, either!


       If there is a certain band that the Bachelorette loves who might be touring, find out the details about it and consult the girls.  If there are only shows out of state, but you know she’d be so happy if she got to see them, get the tickets and book a hotel room.  Take the girls on a little adventure!  Also, make sure to get the Bachelorette a t-shirt so she can remember her special party every time she wears it.


        Bars are just FULL of people WAITING to give attention to a Bachelorette Party!  It’s true!  All you girls have to do is walk in there and say, “We’re having a Bachelorette Party!” to ONE person, and in an instant, all eyes are on you girls and free drinks just start coming out of NOWHERE!  

       If you are taking the girls to a place that usually has painfully long lines, you probably want to call the bar so many days in advance, and make reservations for your party.  This way, all you ladies have to do is walk right in!