Don’t Forget the Adult Entertainment

 Now you get to read about the fun stuff!  And for those of you who skipped all the rest of this site just to get t this part, good for you!  You girls are so ready to party you can taste it, can’t you?  Well, good,.  Let’s get on with it!

        There’s nothing wrong with having some nice adult entertainment at the Bachelorette Party, because you know darn well what the guys are up to.  Also, if you just don’t want a stripper, there are lots of other things you can do at the party to make it hot.  On this page, I’ll show you some more options.

-Erotic Dancing Instructions-

       A new popular activity for Bachelorette Parties, is hiring an erotic dance instructor to come over and teach you all how to dance…erotically!  You can choose a style like belly dancing, lap dancing, or pole dancing to learn.  It would be a fun surprise for your Bachelorette!  Actually all of the girls would be tickled to try out some sexy dances to do for their partners later.  And if the bar is in store for later on, you girls can bust out some of your new moves on the dance floor!  

  -Learn to Strip-

Just like with the belly dancing instructions, you could hire a professional to teach you all how to strip.  Now, if you want to save a little money on that one, you can always get a Portable Stripper Pole with an Instructional DVD.   

This way you girls don’t have to worry about an instructor and can spend all of the money that was saved on more alcohol, toys, or a Rabbit Vibrator gift for the Bachelorette. 

          The Peekaboo Stripper Pole is easy to install and fits any ceiling between 7 ft. and 8 feet 6 inches. It doesn’t require any nails or screws. It fits to the ceiling the same way that some shower curtain rods fit the wall.

-Sex Toy Party-

        You could have a sex toy party hostess come out to the house party with a giant spread (har har!) of sex toys and other fun things.  The representative will go over a bunch of different toys with you and explains what they’re for.  You are able to purchase whatever you would like.  

       This would be a good idea if the Bachelorette would like some sex toys as her Bachelorette gift.  This way, the girls could get her a naughty presents that she’ll for sure enjoy.  You could even host it yourself and not have to have the strange lady there hanging out with you girls!

         To check out a large assortment of sex toys and fun things, click on these words: VIBRATORS.COM and be magically wisked away to a sex toy online store that caters to your privacy, and has instructional videos that explain the toys.

  -Favorite Movie Theme-

        If your Bachelorette is like the rest of us, she probably has a favorite movie or hunky movie star that she particularly adores.  Let’s use use Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean as an example, because chances are, YOU think he’s hot, too!  Alright, so what you would do is throw a Pirates of the Caribbean theme party!  Decorate the place up like a big pirate ship or  a pirate style bar, then you make sure all of the guests know to wear pirate attire.  Then, hire a Johnny Depp look-a-like stripper dressed as a pirate, and have him shake some things up a bit!  It’d be funny to have him walk in swaggering and taking sips from his flask!  Well, whoever her crush may be, just use your imagination on how to make it work.  She will be really touched that you went out of your way to make her party hers. 

-Stripper House Call-

        Ah, yes.  A stripper!  Lots of fun for the whole crew!  There are a lot of different ways that you can incorporate the stripper into the party theme or the Bachelorette’s situation.  For instance, if the husband-to-be is a lawyer, have the stripper come over in a suit, and with a briefcase.  If he’s a fireman, (that’s an easy one!) have the stripper show up in firman uniform.  Or if the party has a theme, like a Roman party, you can have him show up as a gladiator.  You get the idea.  You’re a smart, cookie.  I can tell by the look in your eyes!

        To FIND a Stripper:  Surprisingly, the Yellow pages are your best bet for finding a good stripper in your area.  Here in the Detroit area, they are listed under “Entertainers: Adult”.  The internet has way too many different companies from all over the place and it would be harder to find something close.

        To HIRE a Stripper:  The usual rate for a stripper to come to your house and dance for 30-60 minutes, is $150-$250.  If you have 20 women, this price should be workable.  

  A Few Questions You Should Ask the Company:                 

–  Do you have a website where I can see photos of the men?

–  How much is your rate? How long does that last? Does it include travel to my location?

–  What will the dancer do? (usually agreed to in # of songs)

–  What rules are in place that our party should know about?

–  Will he take off all of his clothing?

–  Will he come wearing a costume? What choices are there? (Often choices include a cop, fireman, pizza guy, construction worker, busines man, tarzan, etc.)

–  Will he bring his own music and boom box?

–  What should we provide?

–  How do you bill us (all up front, 50% up front, etc.)

–  Do you have anyone available on this date?

        That should be enough information for you to feel comfortable about hiring a strange, sexy man to come over to the house and take his clothes off!  Enjoy!

 -Going to a Strip Club-

         Yup, Strip Clubs can be a LOT of fun when you go out with a wild group of people!  You do have to watch out, though, because there are a handful of clubs out there that are TERRIBLE!  Save yourself and the girls a lot of trouble by going and checking them out before the night of the party.  Just grab a trusted girl friend and let the people at the door know that you’re planning a Bachelorette Party and you just wanted to peak inside.  

        When you girls go in to the club, make sure that everyone and their mommas know that it’s HER BACHELORETTE PARTY!!  These are magic words to use, especially in a bar like this.  Be sure to treat your Bachelorette to some sexy male attention.  Then, by all means, get some attention for yourself!  

        Make sure to keep some extra money hidden away somewhere in your bra or shoe so that you have some money left over.  Also, to extend your funds for the night, maybe stop somewhere before going to the club, and get some cheap eats.  This way you DON’T EAT THERE, you DON’T GET SICK, and you’re less likely to HAVE 50 EXPENSIVE DRINKS!  That’s just my advice.