Bachelorette Parties at Home

 Having the Bachelorette Party at home is definitely the safest way to have a wild party!  Not only does that lessen the chances of any drunk driving tickets, it saves everyone money!  Now no one has to fuss with tipping every time they want a drink, or paying to much for one.  Also, a party at the house is a much more comfortable atmosphere to be in.  All you rowdy girls can get crazier because you know nobody is looking at you except your friends, and they’ve already seen you be a dork!  

        Besides the obvious “strip-o-gram”, I have some additional ideas that can spice up a house party.  I’m not saying that these ideas should take the place of a “strip-o-gram”, but you can do any of these AND have a man over the house to get naked!  Perfect!  Everybody’s happy!


        Your Bachelorette Party bunch will laugh like crazy if you get a magician!  Make sure your magician knows that it is a Bachelorette Party.  Maybe he can work out some racier tricks to bring with him.  Then instead of a real rabbit, he can pull a Rabbit Vibrator out of his hat!  That would be funny!  That, and maybe pull condoms out from behind the girls’ ears!  If he happens to be cute, you score extra points.

 -Karaoke Machine-  

        This is another good time to have a video camera!  Get your friends dancing around and singing like idiots!  The friends of yours that are always too shy to sing, will finally have the guts because there aren’t any strange people around to stare at them funny.  Karaoke machines are pretty easy to rent and you can pick which collection of music you want.  This way, your friends are not stuck singing oldies when they only know the words to newer pop songs! 

 – Erotic Dancing Instructions-

        A new popular activity for Bachelorette Parties, is hiring an erotic dance instructor to come over and teach you all how to dance…erotically!  You can choose a style like belly dancing, lap dancing, or pole dancing to learn.  It would be a fun surprise for your Bachelorette!  Actually all of the girls would be tickled to try out some sexy dances to do for their partners later.  And if the bar is in store for later on, you girls can bust out some of your new moves on the dance floor!  

 -Fortune Tellers and Psychics-

        Is your Bachelorette one of those girls that love to read her horoscope?  Does she hide in the closet if it tells her she’s going to have a bad day?  Ha!  Well, if so, (and even if not) hiring a fortune teller or psychic for the Bachelorette Party could add some fun and mystery to the party.  Each girl would get their individual readings and then giggle with each other about it.  Then for a joke, you can ask the fortune teller to throw in something funny at the end of the Bachelorette’s reading like, “I see a set of twins, and then triplets.  All boys!”  Or something scary like that.  She would faint!  Don’t tell her that you set that up until later on that night.  You know, let her sweat it out a bit first.  Hee hee hee!  


        Hiring a hypnotist would set this Bachelorette Party aside from all the others!  Very unique and entertaining!  How often are you going to see a hypnotist in your life, you know?  Totally video camera this.  Each girl would take turns getting hypnotized and being funny.  Since this is a Bachelorette Party, however, the hypnotist can ask racy questions about sex and penises!  

  -Murder Mystery Dinner Party-

         Something different you can try out, is to host a Murder Mystery Dinner party!  Have your guests all dress up like certain characters in the story and act out a murder mystery!  (You can also get comedies if murder and mystery doesn’t sound exciting.)  There are a ton of different stories, plots, and characters to choose from.  You can probably even find one that has characters that are most like your guests.  There are kits for different sized parties, too.  Also, it will explain everything you’ll need and tell you what to do to have a hilarious dinner party!

 -Favorite Movie Theme-

        If your Bachelorette is like the rest of us, she probably has a favorite movie or hunky movie star that she particularly adores.  Let’s use use Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean as an example, because chances are, YOU think he’s hot, too!  Alright, so what you would do is throw a Pirates of the Caribbean theme party!  Decorate the place up like a big pirate ship or  a pirate style bar, then you make sure all of the guests know to wear pirate attire.  Then, hire a Johnny Depp look-a-like stripper dressed as a pirate, and have him shake some things up a bit!  It’d be funny to have him walk in swaggering and taking sips from his flask!  Well, whoever her crush may be, just use your imagination on how to make it work.  She will be really touched that you went out of your way to make her party hers.