Bachelorette Party Games

What kind of Bachelorette Party would it be, if it didn’t involve silly and weird games?  I’ve actually WITNESSED women that get engaged JUST so that they can play Bachelorette Party Games!!  It’s TRUE!  It’s THAT much fun!  

        The games that I’ve collected for you include the tried-and-true traditional games, and some new games that stood out from the rest.  Also remember, you can turn ANYTHING into a drinking game, with even the SMALLEST amount of imagination.  

 -Scavenger Hunt-

        Scavenger hunts are a classic Bachelorette Party Game.  The best thing about them, is that everyone always gets excited about them!  It’s fun to find things and have to do silly things!  Also scavenger hunts are cool, because if you have time, you can make your own!  Have the dares and activities fit in with who your group of people are.  This way you can have some personalized fun.   Also, you can get pre-made hunts.  This way all of the craziness stays unexpected! Surprises around EVERY corner!  To download a free scavenger hunt from, just click on these words:  FREE SCAVENGER HUNT.  You can use it as is, or use it as a guideline for your own ideas.

-Dare Games-

        What could be funnier than watching your friends carry out off-the-wall activities?  Getting pictures of it!  It’s amazing what girls will do while at a Bachelorette Party to amuse each other.  Now, you COULD get a set of index cards and make up some of your own wild dares, OR you could get a Dare Game.

       With all of the different dare games out there for Bachelorette Parties, make sure you check the package to see if it applies for the kind of party you’re having.  If it has dares involving random people at the bar, don’t bring it to the house party.  Know what I mean? 

To check out all sorts of dare games, just click on the words: DARE GAMES!

   The Dare To Have Fun Game is a great game of dares for a bachelorette party that will be going out to a bar. It’s a mix of a scavenger hunt and truth or dare. The dares include things like collect a condom, have a guy tell you his ultimate fantasy, and other fun and risqué things. All of the guests at your bachelorette party can get involved in this game.  There are 50 dares in all, along with a rule guide. Click on the image to see a larger picture of the Dare To Have Fun Game.

  -Know the Groom Game-

        Before the Bachelorette Party, figure out a series of funny questions to ask the groom about himself or their relationship.  To make it a little more fun, you can video tape him answering them.  Then at the party, you ask the Bachelorette the same questions and see if she knows what he would answer. 

-Pin the WHAT? on the WHO?-

        You know your friends would love this.  The Pin The Hose On The Fireman Game is certainly a fun one. It is sort of a rip-off of “Pin The Macho On The Man”. Both are a risque version of pin the tail on the donkey. A poster of a man is hung on the wall (you provide the tape) and each girl gets a different “hose.” Wrap a blindfold or scarf around your friends head, spin her around 5 times and let her try to find the way.

The two versions of the game differ in the following ways:

–  Pin The Macho On The Man has a greater variety of penises. It has hot dogs, candy canes, fish, all sorts of things that represent penises. It is very fun in this way.

–  Pin The Hose On The Fireman has a two sided poster. One side is caucasian, the other side is African American. This makes it one of only a few black party favors we have found.

–  The poster for Pin The Hose On The Fireman is larger.

–  Pin The Macho On The Man has poems on all of the penises which makes it more fun to play.

In summary, I would choose this game if my friend was marrying a fireman, had a fireman fetish or was African American. Otherwise, I am a big fan of Pin The Macho On The Man.  

 -The “I Never” Game-

        The girls all sit in a circle (around a table or floor, maybe).  The list goes around the circle as each girl takes her turn reading the one she picked.  After a sentence is read by a girl, all of the girls that HAVE done it, take a drink.  And all the girls that HAVEN’T, don’t drink.  This is a great way to get the gossip.  

        You can always choose to make your own list of “I Never”s, and use the “dirt” you have on your friends.  Like, for instance, if you know that your good friend, Tina, pooped her pants on her first date.  You write that on the list ahead of time, and then when you are all playing, when it’s your turn, you can read, “I Never pooped my pants on my first date!”  and she will be the only one having to drink!  And all of the other girls will know and laugh!  Suggestion:  Don’t get TOO TOO personal.  We don’t want anyone crying, just turning read and laughing…  

       Here’s a list of some “I Never”s to get you started.  Feel free to add some or take some out.

        Here’s a list of some “I Never”s to get you started.  Feel free to add some or take some out. 

–  Had a one night stand.

–  Kissed a guy over 40.

–  Used a sex toy.

–  Lied about my age.

–  Cheated on my boyfriend.

–  Kissed a married man.

–  Wore thong underwear.

–  Went skinny-dipping.

–  Drank until I puked.

–  Stuffed my bra.

–  Stalked a boy I liked.

–  Used food in the bedroom.

–  Preformed a striptease.

–  Gotten a striptease done for me.

–  Had sex in a car.

–  Had sex at a drive-in movie.

–  Given or gotten head in a movie theater.

–  Had sex in the living room.

–  Have been tied up.

–  Have a purple sex toy.

–  Had sex on a plane.

–  Masturbated in front of another person.

–  Kissed two guys in one night.

–  Kissed two guys at the same time.

–  Woke up with a person you didn’t know.

–  Kissed another woman.

–  Threw up in public.

–  Had sex in an elevator.

–  Shoplifted.

–  Had a homosexual dream.

–  Sunbathed nude.

–  Urinated outside.

–  Gotten head from another woman.

–  Have tried or enjoy anal sex.

–  Had sex with a guy that is more than 5 years younger than me.

–  Had sex with a guy that is more than 10 years younger than me.

This game is a lot of fun for a group of girls with skeletons in their closets.

 -Peter Pecker-

        The Peter Pecker Game is a totally obscene adult version of “ring toss”.  Can you imagine all the girl standing around this guy, taking turns trying to throw a plastic ring and make it hook onto his penis?  Too funny!  I love it! 

 You know, for a blow up doll, he’s not too bad looking!  Seriously.  Have you seen the faces of some of these things?  It’s just not right.  Maybe an alien would find blow up dolls attractive.  They gotta get the love somewhere, right?  

        Peter Pecker can be easily turned into a drinking game as well.  Just have the girl drink if she misses, or choose someone else to drink if she makes it.  Very simple!

 -Funniest Story Contest-

        This one can get pretty hilarious!  Throughout the night, have a contest to see who has the absolute FUNNIEST story about the Bachelorette.  After the ball starts rolling, EVERYONE will want to tell their story about her.  Be prepared to laugh your butt off, because you’re going to hear things about your close friend that you’ve NEVER heard before!

        This is not your chance to get back at her, though, all of the stories should be kept in a fun mood.  No drudging up secrets and other things held in total confidence allowed.  You don’t want to upset your Bachelorette on her night.  The idea is to EMBARRASS her, and have fun doing it!  At the end of the night, you can have the girls all vote on which story they liked the best.  That, or you can have to Bachelorette tell which one embarrassed her the most.

 -Murder Mystery Game-

        Try something a bit different and unexpected!  Murder Mystery Dinners let you and your guests act out a murder mystery and dress up like characters trying to find out “who dunnit?”.  There are kits with so many different types of themes and situations.  You can probably find a good one that has characters that would fit your friends.  

        The kits will spell everything out for you, and let you know how to set everything up.  Also telling you what each character should be wearing.  It’s a good reason to dress up!

-A Penis Pinata-

        You can choose to make your own if you’re crafty and have a little time on your hands, OR you can buy one that is ready to go.  Like this Pecker Pinata.  All you have to do is put together a collection of fun goodies to stuff inside.  I’ve seen people use little bite-sized candies, little shot bottles of various liquors, funny little adult-themed toys, and then some personalized touches.   

       To make an extra bonus game out of the Pecker Pinata by including one or two items in the collection that they have to be the first to find.  They’ll be scrambling all over each other to get them.  You could either tell them what they are looking for before the pinata is broken, OR give them a “clue” and make them figure it out.