Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

 Because Bachelorette Parties usually stick to basically the same formula, girls can pretty much guess what is in store for them if they go to one.  To combat that problem, I have conjured up 8 wild and original ideas.  These are pretty adventurous ideas. So if you decide to include one or more of them, you may want to consult the girls before signing them up for something too wild.  Even if they don’t want to do something, they can always give their loving support!   

-Mud Wrestling-

        Find one of those places that features female mud wrestling and let them know that you have a Bachelorette Party that wants to get dirty!  What a wild time THAT would be!  If you’re going around bar hopping, you may want to make this the last stop unless you don’t mind partying muddy the rest of the night.  It wouldn’t bother me, but some people might get upset.  If you are surprising your Bachelorette with this as one of the activities, make sure she knows to wear or bring some suitable clothes.  If you don’t, she’ll be wearing something nice for her party and won’t want to messy it up.

-Moon-Walk Rentals-

        A great addition to a bangin’ house party, would be a moon-walk!  Ha!  Picture you women getting all drunk and silly bouncing around in a moon-walk, and laughing your butts off!  It would be really fun!  As long as no one takes their drinks on there with them, the fun will last all night!  Do you know how happy I would be if someone surprised me with a moon-walk?  Of COURSE you DON’T!  You don’t even KNOW me! Trust me, though.  I’d be REALLY happy!

 -Contest Participants-

        Find a bar that has one of those silly contests like”wet t-shirt” or “hottest ass”.  Sign the Bachelorette and any of her daring friends up for the contest.  It would be hilarious!  Just getting up there and being silly would be funny!  Now, you can either take it seriously, or as I would suggest, have the girls in the contest sneak of to the bathroom ahead of time and stuffing their boobs and booties with toilet paper!  I mean, a ridiculous amount.  Then go up there and SHAKE IT, GIRLS!  Get some good pictures of that one!  Ha!

 -The Bar Sampler Platter-

        Not sure what you’re hungry for?  Does EVERYTHING look good, but you’re having trouble narrowing down the options?  Just go to ALL of them!  Get your groove on at a Disco, then put on some leg warmers and bop around in a 80’s bar.  After that, go head bang at a Rock bar, then switch it up completely and get your freak on at a Booty club.  From there, you could mosey on over to a Country bar and do some line dancin’.  Maybe after that, you could go holler at the television at a Sports bar.  (That one really doesn’t sound as fun.)  Then after all of that, if your legs aren’t burning and you head isn’t spinning, you could end the night heckling naked men (or women) at a Strip club.  Of course, you have free reign over the order and choices of the bars you’ll hit, I’m just giving helpful examples!

 -Karaoke Queens-

        This is a good idea for people that just like to have rowdy, silly fun.  Take a video camera, too if you can!  That would be great!  You could have a contest for the WORST performance, and have everyone sing really off key all night.  You could tell the other people in the bar that you girls were having a competition and ask if they could kindly judge it.  Just don’t tell them that you girls are singing bad on purpose.  It would be funny.  Trust me, you girls would be the life of the party!

-Penis Cake Outfits-

        Go out to a bar with 2 – 4 penis cakes and some party favors and what-not. Tell the bar people that it’s a Bachelorette Party.  This way you will be allowed to have cake in there.  Go ahead and hang out, have a good time, and when it’s about time to go, have a giant penis cake fight!  Just stick your hands in whatever is left and smash the Bachelorette with it!  Yes!  Make a big mess and then leave real quick like or get kicked out.  Then just go to the next bar looking like the World’s Largest Walking Cupcakes.  Good times !

 -Attack of the 50 ft. Bachelorette Party-

        If you are having the Bachelorette Party at the same time as the Bachelor Party is going on, the first thing you should do is get a bunch of cheap wigs.  Have you all dress in disguise and try to use a vehicle that isn’t easily recognizable to follow them to their first destination.  After they enter the bar (or wherever), all of you girls armed with silly string, penis cake, whipped cream, or anything else that would be funny, run in and attack the guys, hollering and yelling war cries while you hose them down.  Before they even understand what just happened to them, get the hell out of there and go continue on with your party!  Cake, whipped cream, and stuff like that could only work at certain places without risking getting in trouble.  The silly string, however, can work anywhere!    It would be ideal to have penis-shaped graffiti to throw on them, too.  Just keep your eyes out for retaliation later on.