Bachelorette Party Planning Advice.com  is here to help plan a wonderful Bachelorette Party, by walking you through each step of the way.  We’re not here to tell you what to do.  We are here to give suggestions and ideas, and remind you about things you may have forgotten.  This way, you are in complete control of your party, and things are more likely to go smoothly and less stressful!

We tell you how to begin, take care of invitations, and list decorations and party supplies.  Suggestions on where to have the party, different ideas for at home, and even what to wear.  Yes, we also included advice on adult entertainment!  I’ve listed a lot of different games for you girls to play, plus 5 original drinking games that I made up  myself just for you!  (Well, you and everybody else that reads this.)  Also included on this site is how to take care of the food situation and a bunch of sexy drink and jello shot recipes!  Did I cover everything, or what?

        In addition to our awesome Bachelorette Party advice, I have added links on certain words and pictures that will magically take you to a place to see more about that item(s).  You will be able to tell what words are special, because they will be written in black and underlined.  

A great place to go to find everything you are going to need, is Bachelorette.com.  They carry a vast assortment of Bachelorette Party toys, clothes, jewelry, invitations, decorations, table ware, funny candies and cake pans, penis straws, shot glasses, games, prizes and party favors, inflatable fun things, and anything else you can think of.  Well, except for male dancers and alcohol.  I guess those are two main ingredients to this party, but they still have everything else!