Begin Planning

This section goes over the basic beginning thoughts. ¬†Things that YOU have to figure out before getting to the good stuff. ¬†The start is always the hardest, (and the least fun!) so let’s get it over with, shall we?

-First Thought-

        Usually, these Bachelorette Parties happen a month or so before the wedding.  That gives your Bachelorette a margin of time that she can use to recover from the party, and make sure the wedding goes smoothly.  Since you’re going to need time to let all the women know what’s going on and arrange all of the party details, you should start planning about 4 months before the party.  This way, it takes a lot of stress off of your back, and the other guests have time to request the needed day(s) off of work.

-First Step-

        Find out who is willing to help you with the party.  The Bridesmaids are there to be your little helpers, so don’t feel bad about asking them.  It’s their duty.  If they can’t because of whatever circumstances, ask the Bachelorette which of the other party guests she would rather have do the job.  Also, if the Bachelorette herself would like to help, then that’s wonderful!  Your job will be easy.  Most Bachelorettes, however, are going to be too involved and overwhelmed taking care of wedding things.  

        Have the Bachelorette make out a list of names, addresses and phone numbers of all the girls that are invited to the party.  Do NOT lose these.  Keep them somewhere safe.

-What Kind of Party?-

        You may want to go out to lunch with your Bachelorette and discuss what type of party she is wanting to have.  You don’t have to get every last little detail out of her.  Just  make sure to know whether or not she would even want a stripper, or to go out on the town, or have it at a house.  She might just want a tame little quiet get together.  Who knows?  YOU will if you ASK HER about it.  This way also, it ‘will guarantee that you will throw her a party she will LOVE!

-Setting a Date-

        This is a big pain in the butt.  It will probably take you a little while to figure out what date would be best for the majority of the girls, and still be ideal for the Bachelorette.  If you happen to please everybody, good for you!  I’ll be proud!  That is a near to impossible feat you’d be accomplishing, lady!  When setting a date, you have to keep in mind that everyone might not be able to make it.  Definitely try your best to make it happen, but if it comes down to it,  don’t feel too bad.  

-Money Management-

        Ah yes, budgeting,… No fun.  But it’s a very good thing to figure out before you just start planning all this crazy stuff, and then realize you don’t have the funds to cover it.  You must take into account the costs of travel,lodging, entertainment, drinks, toys, activities, and whatever else is going to be needed.  Also, you have to find out if you girls are going to cover the cost of the Bachelorette or not.  Some parties split the cost between all of the guests to make it easier on everyone.  Get together with the girls that are willing to help and come to an agreement on something.  

-Getting Closer and Closer-

        There’s somewhat of a countdown to keep in mind.  It’s not really strict, but just makes for a good guide.  

         Around the “4 months ’till party time” mark, you should call and make any reservations that are needed.  This is also when you should be sending out the invitations.  Put as much information about the party and any costs there may be.  If there are, make sure you include what the money will be covering.  This way, there is no confusion the day of.  

       The next two months, you should make any transportation plans you may need.  Also, get in touch with the other girls and just make sure everyone is still able to go, and there’s no problems with anyone.  

        Within the last month, call the girls again and alert them of any last minute changes.  Remember, the better informed your guests are, the less likely problem will occur.  

        The night before the party, take a big loooooooooong HOT bubble bath.  Because you’ll totally deserve it!  You will have made it through all of this hectic planning by that point. Finally!  It’s time to PARTY!