Getting Dressed Up

One of the funnest parts of going to a Bachelorette Party, is dressing up in really funny stuff!  The trick is, though, to remain sexy.  It takes a certain talent we all have inside of us (and some alcoholic drinks), to have big penis boppers on and still strut around the bar like a tigeress.  However, being a part of a Bachelorette Party, means that it is your RIGHT and DUTY to be as loud and crazy as humanly possible!  The group of women, all letting loose together become an unstoppable force!  They now have the power to take over each place they end up visiting.  It’s true.  You know it is.  

The Bachelorette Party fashion craze begins with fun jewelry!  Things that blink and light up or have penises on them , are a total MUST HAVE!  They are so IN this season!  Nothing draws attention to the Bachelorette and her crazy friends like blinking lights and penises!

To check out more fun party jewelry, just click on the words: FUN JEWELRY!

  Now, you’re going to want to get something cool to wear on your head.  The model above is looking quite dashing in the cowboy hat veil.  It’s a little hard to see in the picture because the background is white, but the veil is soft and white, flowing off the back of the hat.  To get a better look at that one, lick on the words: Cowboy Hat Veil.  It’s a casual and popular way to wear a veil at your party.

 Or if you’d rather have a veil that still looks pretty, but is funny at the same time, the Flashing Penis Veil would be perfect.  The penises are lined up in rows, and they flash lights and catch everyone’s eyes.  You might just rather have a classic pretty veil, or a red devilish veil with horns, or even a black veil, or a veil with hearts!  Let it reflect your personal style!

To check out an assortment of veils, just click on the words:  ASSORTMENT OF VEILS!

   Crown style tiaras are really hot right now.  I’ve seen them with penises, with soft flowers and silver, glitter, flashing lights, and with everything else under the sun attached to them.  If you want to feel a like a princess, but definitely not a sissy, check out the Flashing Bitch Tiara.  The word, “Bitch”, sits on top of that feathery crown like a beacon.  It says, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna PARTY! and NOTHING can STOP ME!”  At least that’s what it says to me.  It’s a fine alternative to the word, “Bachelorette”.  Or if you’d rather get a Bachelorette Tiara, and make the Maid of Honor or Bridesmaids wear the Bitch Tiaras, that would be fun, too!  

To check out more cool tiaras, just click on the words: COOL TIARAS!

    Feather boas can top off a number of looks.  You can wear it with a really pretty dress, and POOF! you look elegant!  You can pare it with a masquerade mask and POOF! you’re mysterious!  You put it on over a sweat shirt and sweat pants, and POOF!  you look crazy. Don’t do it.  But you can wear it with a casual top, some jeans, and a beer helmet, and POOF! you look like the ultimate PARTY GIRL!  See what I mean?  This Black Feather Boa is one handy accessory to have around!     

To check out other feather boas, just click on the words:  FEATHER BOAS!

        Sashes are another way to celebrate Bachelorettedom.  They remind us all of beauty pageant winners and other Ms. America-like things.  This Bachelorette Metallic Sash is very shiny and fun, and looks a bit lighter than other sashes.  There’s fabric sashes, ones that flash lights, and ones that sparkle.   

To check out other sexy sashes, just click on the words:  OTHER SEXY SASHES!

    Alright, now the fun stuff: Clothes!  Shirts and tank tops that take care of letting people know who is who,  by saying “Bachelorette” or “Maid of Honor” come in handy.  You can get them in all sorts of different styles, so you can find one that suits your Bachelorette’s taste in clothing.  The Black Bachelorette Tank w/ Pink Gemstones pictured above, is also available in white, with the  words, “Bachelorette”, “Maid Of Honor”, and “Bridesmaid”.  It”s sparkly and very cute.  It’s a good tank top for a girl that doesn’t like gaudy clothes, and likes being comfortable.  There are also funny tank tops and other styles to see.

To check out a load of tank tops, just click on the words:  TANK TOPS!

        There are also all kinds of interesting tee shirts available.  The model above is wearing the Bachelorette Baby Doll Tee.  It is a really nice looking shirt and can go with anything.  This is another one of those shirts that also come in “Maid of Honor” and “Bridesmaid”.  There’s also the famous Suck 4 a Buck tee shirts, gag shirts, and other nice styles.

To check out the other types of shirts, just click on these words:  OTHER TYPES OF SHIRTS!

        Unfortunately, and kind of surprisingly, I haven’t ran across any Bachelorette Pants or Underwear.  Nor have I noticed any Bachelorette Socks or Shoes!  What’s up with that?  Maybe we’re just going to have to keep our eyes out for those in the future,…Nah.  On second thought, maybe I’ll just watch some t.v. and forget all about it.