Bachelorette Party Decorations and Supplies

Make sure that the type of decorations and the colors you go with, really compliment the Bachelorette’s personality.  If she’s got a loud personality, likes bright colors and has a great sense of humor, don’t pick out that pastel hearts decoration kit.  It makes sense.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that, but I know it is tempting to grab stuff that you think is cool, regardless of if she’ll like it or not.

        Here is a run-down of a typical list of decorations and supplies.  It will give you the right ideas and maybe remind you of anything you would have forgotten about.  To see any of the items mentioned, just click on their names.


Streamers –  Streamers come in an assortment of colors and they are very, very cheap!  You can droop them from ceilings, make borders for he room, twist them down a bannister or column, and use them to make everything look fun!  You can twist them around darn near everything!  The dog may get mad, but basically everything else.  

Balloons –  Balloons add a lot of color and fun to a party.  You can go with the typical solid color balloons for a simpler, but still fun look, or go with something different.  Getting balloons with adult themes to them could add a good laugh to the party.  You could get balloons that are shaped like penises, like the Amazing Penis Balloons, or that has naughty pictures on them like the Kinky Sex Positions Balloons.  Also, adding confetti into a balloon before you blow it up gives it that special extra touch.  Make sure that you can somewhat see through the balloons, or else it won’t work right.

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Party Lights –  Party lights give your party a certain ambiance, like suddenly your house turns into a happenin’ club.  To get the right lighting for the mood you want to set, you are going to have to choose what type of lights to get.

        Christmas lights are always warm and comforting, like a laid-back lounge.  If you get a string of all one color, choose something that’s light enough for people to see where their drinks are.  Also, Christmas lights make great decoration because they are inexpensive!  Get some disco lights or a strobe for a dance club type feel.  If you pair the strobe lights with a party light, it won’t be too extreme and it will add color to the room.  If you’re just looking for something decorative and fun, try some Penis Party Lights.

Banners and Pennants –  Banners and pennants are great for bordering rooms, topping doorways, and hanging above signs.  If you want something fun, you could check out  the Bachelorette Party Banner.  But if you were hoping for something funny, then try the Adult Party Banner or the Penis Pennant.

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Tablecloths –  Tablecloths don’t only protect your table from drunk women spillage, they also add to the decorations.  If you’re going to get a tablecloth anyway, why not get one that goes along with the theme?  Sure, you could go with a solid Pink Tablecover, or with a pretty pastel striped Forever Young Tablecover.  But, if you want to turn some heads and provoke laughter, you should choose something more like the Pecker Party Tablecloth or the Adult Party Tablecloth.  Also, throwing some glitter or confetti onto table tops and counters can look really nice.

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Confetti and Rose Petals –  Confetti is fun, because you can be really creative with it, and it’s inexpensive.  As I mentioned before, you can add some confetti into balloons before blowing them up.  Make sure you get balloons that are somewhat clear, so you can actually see the confetti.  Also, you can sprinkle confetti onto table tops and counters.  I would go with Bachelorette Party Jumbo Confetti or the Sexy Party Confetti.

        Rose petals are very pretty and smell great, but unfortunately roses are really expensive.  But you can create the effect of sprinkled rose petals, by using fake ones!  I would go with a bag of Wedding Rose Petals.  

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Bachelorette Party Kits –  If you don’t really have that much time, or you just don’t feel like having to pick out every little thing, you could go with a party kit.  There are a lot of party kits available to make your job that much easier.  

        There are your basic kits, like the Promise Decorations Kit and the Bachelorette Party In A Box that include the basic items you’re looking for.  Then there are kits that are assembled to suite different tastes, like the Wacky Bachelorette Party Kit, the Bad Girl Bachelorette Party Kit, and the Girls’ Night Out Bachelorette Party Kit.

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         You could very well just make them eat with their hands and wipe their mouths on their new dresses,…OR you could get some tableware!  I would go with the tableware, myself.  Although it’s not usually the funnest thing to buy, there are some options out there for you that are especially for Bachelorette Parties.  You know what that means!

Utensils –  There are the regular, solid colored utensils, like Pink Assorted Heavy Weight Plasticware, and then there are funny, penis shaped utensils such as the Penis Party Utensils.

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Napkins –  Napkins are good to have around.  Especially with all of the drunk women in your house drooling at the stripper.  Protect your stuff from drool, and get some napkins.  That’s my advice.  

        Some funny napkins that will inspire the giggles are the Super Fun Penis Napkins and the Guy On Cake Napkins.  

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Plates –  Why get paper plates that have nothing to say?  Personally, if I’m going to spend money on paper plates, they’d better talk to me!  Saying stuff like, “Fun! Fun! Fun!” or even “Penis! Penis! Penis!”, would be great!  

        The Fun! Fun! Fun! plates would be the Pink or Teal Sparkle Cheers Plates or the Bachelorette Party Plates.   The Penis! Penis! Penis! plates would then be the Pecker Party Plates or the Big Pecker Plates.

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Straws –  Straws!  You put them in your drink, and then you have to suck on them, just to drink your drink!  Why create an unnecessary middle man?  Because it’s fun!  And sometimes your wearing lipstick and you don’t want it smearing everywhere!  That’s why.  

        The Original Cocktail SippersBendy Penis Straws, and the Pecker Party Straws are all very funny straws worth getting for the party.

To check out more quality straws, just click on the words:  MORE QUALITY STRAWS!

Paper Cups –  Paper cups lessen the chances of glass getting broken, because you don’t need to use any glasses.  Also, the dishes won’t be so bad the next day.  See how easier life is with paper cups?

        The Forever Young Cups would be the best ones to go with if you just wanted something soft, pastel, and plain.  If you wanted to get paper cups that would be more comical, then try the Whacky Stripper Cups or the Groping Party Cups. 

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Plastic Cups and Shot Glasses –  Plastic cups are fun, because you can keep them after the party and use them again!  You can go for the cute cups, like the Sparkling Martini Cup w/ Veil or the Sexy Flashing Drink Cup.  Or decide to do the funny thing, and get the Martini Weenie Light Up Cup

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  Shot glasses can be appreciated by everyone.  If each girl is equipped with a shot glass, making toasts throughout the night will be that much more fun.  There are shot glasses that are attached to beaded necklaces, such as the Love A ShotBachelorette On the Loose Shot Glass Necklace, and the Bachelorette Shot Glass Necklace.  These are handy  to have, because you won’t lose them!

 Then, of course, there’s always shot glasses that AREN’T connected to beads, like the Pecker Surprise Shot Glass, the Penis Shooter, and the Pair of Penis Shot Glasses.

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 -Going Out –

Car Decorations –  Are you girls are going out on the town, but you love decorating so much, that you just have to decorate SOMETHING?  Why not decorate the car?    I would recommend to only do this if you have a designated driver or if a limo is being rented.  Putting signs up around the car that let’s everybody know you’re out partying, will definitely increase your chances of being pulled over.

        You can decorate a bit on the simpler side, and go with the Bachelorette Party Car Window Sign or the Outta Control Party Car Flag.  That, or go all out with an entire car decoration kit.  The Bachelorette Party Car Decoration Kit has 18 different pieces so you can turn your car into the Party Mobile!