Bachelorette Party Invitations

 Bachelorette Party invitations should be sent out with enough time so that everyone can make arrangements at work and in their schedules to make it.  Make the Bridesmaids help you out with these if needs be.  The sooner you get these out of the way, the better.  Avoiding unnecessary stress is always a good idea.

        Explain in the invitation, every detail about the party, any costs that are required, and the exact address and time to meet.  If you are having each guest pay a certain amount to go toward the costs of the party and the Bachelorette, be sure to list what the money is going toward.  Like a Bachelorette gift, transportation, food, drinks, entertainment,..etc.  If it is going to be a theme party, let them know if they should wear or bring anything special.  

        By telling the guests everything, not only can they prepare for it, but if there’s something that would make them feel uncomfortable, they will be able to make their own decision about it.  

To get invitations, you can go to a Party Shop, make them yourself, or order them from an online retailer.  Going to Party Shops can be aggravating, because they aren’t strictly just a Bachelorette Party store.  The section is usually kind of smaller, and the invitations are limited.  Also, aimless driving around sucks.  

        Making your own can be a lot of fun if you have the time to do it.  You can use a funny picture of the Bachelorette as the cover, or use pretty paper doilies to decorate each one.  The possibilities are really endless, if your a creative person.  This way you can really personalize the invitations.  

        Checking out stores online not only save you gas and aggravation, but allows you to view a much larger selection of invitations in a shorter amount of time.  To sneak a peak at’s invitation selection, click on these words: INVITATION SELECTION!  Or to get a better look at the invitations pictured here, just click on the picture or the name in black above it.