Original Drinking Games

Drink and win PRIZES?  Awesome!

        We all know that us girls are completely INSANE when we go out with each other.  Which, of course, means that the upcoming Bachelorette Party is going to be a complete BLAST! An entire night of cutting loose, drinking, dancing on tables, drinking, letting your hair down, drinking, being loud and rowdy, drinking, and laughing so hard you cry and your make-up smears. Since there’s also going to be a whole lot of drinking going on, I have come up with 5 of the funniest Bachelorette Drinking Games I possibly could. (Number 5 is my favorite!)  These are all guaranteed to get your entire party BOMBED quickly and effectively, or you can write to me and tell me I’m a lamer.

1. The Infamous LOOSE LIPS GAME!! – Every time someone says any of the predetermined words, all the girls have to drink.  This one is fun because it involves everyone, and the drunker you all get, the harder it is not to say the words.  Now the words could be anything you want them to be, but since it’s a Bachelorette Party, you might want to go with bridal themed words that are going to come up a lot in conversation.  Like bride, groom, husband, wife, wedding, married, marriage, bachelorette, etc.  It would probably work best if you stuck to a little less than 10 words to make it easy on you. The less words you have, the less you’ll all end up drinking.  After someone says a word, all the girls should raise their glasses/cups in the air and scream “Penis!”, or another funny word or saying you decide upon, and clink their cups and drink.  The cheers is very important.  If someone isn’t around and misses the cheers, you have to scream out that word to her and she’ll know she has to drink.

2.  The Daring DRUNKEN FLIRT GAME!! – This is a game of pure skill. When you all are out at a bar, have a contest to see who can weasel the most free drinks.  If you hit more than one bar, you’re most likely to get more free drinks, but this can work if you just stay in one place as well.  You might need a little post-it to keep tally; drunken minds aren’t the quickest.  Each drink counts as one, even if it is from the same guy. The winner should be awarded with a Pecker Expertise Prize, Pecker Prize Ribbon, Flashing Pecker Pen, or something to that effect. 

3.  The Adventurous BILL GAME!! – First, pick a common name, like BOB, BILL, JOE, or STEVE.  Then have all the girls try to collect the most signatures of people with that name at each of the places you go.  If you’re at more than one bar that night, there would be a winner from each of the places.  The losers from each place all have to drink, or have to buy the winner a drink at the next place.  Whichever your fancy.  Then at the end of the night, there would be a grand prize winner that could win a certain funny prize like an Out of Control Ribbon or a Pecker Whistle. If you are only going to one place that night, there would be a grand prize winner that wins a prize and a drink perhaps.  You could make it more challenging by deeming the name, WILLARD, or something more uncommon like that, but you also chance things not working out so great.

4,  The Phone Number Riot!! –  Each time one of you collects a phone number from someone you don’t know, the rest of the girls all have to drink. It should be fairly easy to do since guys give out phone numbers like Betty F’n Crocker gives out recipes. Har har har!  Sorry, a little fem humor slipped out there for a second.  Anyways, this one is cool because it happens continuously throughout the night.  Just like the Loose Lips Game, each time this happens, the girls should all hoot and cheer a certain funny word, and make as much noise about it as humanly possible.  I mean, NOISE!  Make sure, though, that the guys just think that you’re being silly girls, because if they find out that you’re just getting phone numbers for a game, they’ll be pretty mad about it.    

5.  The Spectacular PROUD OF MY PENIS-MAN GAME!! – Ha! I bet you’re wondering what THIS is all about.  First, before the party, you find the silliest and weirdest PENIS item that you can.  Make sure it’s not too small and that you can definitely tell that it is a penis.  (I listed some suggestions below.)  Make sure you also have a good camera.  If more than one camera can be used, awesome.  At the bar, every time one of you gets a guy to hold the penis thing (or wear it on their head) and let them take a picture of him, the rest of you have to drink. Ha!  Also, don’t forget to cheers funny words and scream while clinking your glasses.  The more noise, the better.  This game will make for some great memories later.  Maybe even have a prize for the girl that took the funniest looking picture.  Here’s another idea, get one of those picture frames that have a bunch of spots on them for pictures, and put all of the funny penis pictures in it as a surprise present for your Bachelorette.  She would LOVE it!!

            Suggestions for Penises:  Stubby Chubby TiaraThe Dick Through the HeadMr. Happy Balloon, or Captain Pecker – Blow Up Penis.  Those would make for the best and clearest pictures.  Also, you can always substitute a wacky penis thing for a blow-up doll, big dildo or vibrator. DONG!